Tochprilad from 1992

Starting from 1992 the restructuring of company from own production to subcontracting has been carried out.

Type of products Customer
Video-taping units for video recorders “Philips Technology Centre”, Austria
Digital video projectors “Philips Technology Centre”, Austria
Mechanical CD drives for automotive players “Philips Industries Hungary”, Hungary
Inkjet printers “Flextronics International”, Hungary
Production and recycling of cartridges for printing and copying equipment “Flextronics International”, Hungary
Transformers “TDK Elektronics, Retsag”, Hungary
Automotive cable harnesses “Videoton (Skoda)”, Hungary
Cable assemblies for telecommunication systems and industrial electronics “Tyco Electronics”, Poland
Manufacturing of cable harnesses for automotive industry “Lear”, Hungary, Poland
Manufacturing of transformers for solar and automotive industries “Epcos”, TDK, Hungary
Manufacturing of loudspeakers for telecom application “KNOWLES”, Austria
Manufacturing of loudspeakers for automotive industry “D&M”, Belgium
Manufacturing of LED products, chip programming and component surface mounting (SMT) “WE ARE THE LIGHT”, Ukraine, Hungary

Tochprilad 1992—2013

Development and manufacturing of aircraft modules

  • airborne systems of flight data protection (black boxes);
  • actuating mechanism for aircraft equipment;
  • control systems of aircraft engines, airborne systems;
  • systems of flight data processing.

Specialization of the company:

Development and manufacturing of fine-mechanics appliances with electronic control systems

Experience in the following fields of production:

  • machine processing;
  • tool production (incl. press moulds, stamping tools);
  • chemical and thermal hardening (including nitridation and case hardening);
  • galvanic coating;
  • manufacturing of plastic and rubber products;
  • PCB manufacturing and mounting;
  • manufacturing of micro-assemblies.