Three production sites

Mukachevo — 26800 m²

Object 1

Production area — 10300 m²
  • Passive electronic components
  • Cable harness for automotive
  • LED luminaires
  • Tool shop

Object 2

Production area —16500 m²
  • Loudspeakers (telecom)
  • Loudspeakers (automotive)
  • Cable harness for automotive

Volovets — 10300 m²

Polymer Technica Ltd.

Production area — 10300 m²
  • Micro-switches and cable harnesses for automotive
  • Mechanical assembling

Tochprilad today

  • 1500 employees
  • 180 engineers and technicians
  • Leading position in subcontracting activity in west region of Ukraine

12 reasons to cooperate with Tochprilad

  1. Geographically advantageous location to EU countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania;
  2. Shortest delivery time to EU countries;
  3. Lower labor costs as compared with all EU countries;
  4. 20-year experience of cooperation with europeans companies;
  5. Excellent quality according to international standards;
  6. Availability of modern production infrastructure;
  7. Flexibility depending on Customers’ requirements;
  8. Quick production ramp-up to reach the mass manufacturing;
  9. Additional transport services:
    • Production and shipment planning considering customer’s requirements;
    • Material supply chain management;
    • Well-timed and competent customs clearance of freight;
    • Freight services at a cheaper price as compared with european ones;
  10. Material procurement as required;
  11. Qualified engineering support of production;
  12. Continues improvement of production processes, development and updating of tooling.